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About recurring journal entries

A recurring journal entry is an entry that you expect to make on a regular basis, such as every month. You set up a recurring journal entry so that you can then quickly create it for the month (or some other time period). In this way, you avoid entering much of the same information repeatedly.

For example, you may set up a recurring journal entry for depreciation on equipment.

Work with recurring journal entries as follows:


Do this


To accomplish this


Set up security for recurring journal entries

Company > Security > Company tab and Manage tab

Define who can set up and create recurring journal entries.


Set up recurring journal entries

Company > Recurring > Journal Entries

Set up the journal entries you expect to enter regularly or more than once.


Create recurring journal entries

Manage > Recurring > Journal Entries

When you create recurring journal entries, you select the time period for the journal entries you want to create.

Ajera then displays a list of recurring journal entries you set up for that time period.

You confirm which journal entries you want to create (and those journal entries then appear in Manage > Journal Entries > Existing tab).

At this time, you can also make any one-time changes to the journal entry.



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