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About importing in-house expenses and time

You can import in-house expenses and time into Ajera from a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

For example, you may have a record of transactions (from a copier, plotter, or so on) that you want to import into Ajera without having to enter them manually. Similarly, you may have timesheets entered in another software program or Microsoft Excel file that you want to import automatically into Ajera.

You can save only one set of import options for in-house expenses and one set for time. If you are using import files with different formats, you need to change the import options to match the import file you are currently importing.

After you import the data, you cannot undo the import. You must handle the new entries as you would any other in-house expenses or time.

The process

When importing in-house expenses or time for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Before getting started, first ensure that you have security access to import time and expenses (Company > Security > File tab).

  2. Set up the import file.

  3. Import in-house expenses or import time into Ajera.




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