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About attachments

An attachment is a link to a file or URL. For example, you can add an attachment to an Ajera window by linking to a blueprint or drawing, contract document, spreadsheet, PDF, or URL.

The path to that file, not the file itself, is attached to the Ajera window. The file must be in a shared location for others to open it, such as on a shared network or a website.  

When you make an attachment, the date and time are stamped to the link. You can categorize attachments for easier identification and search. Ajera searches for attachments based on where the attachment was made (in a vendor invoice or a project, for example) and other criteria.

Where to find them

Your security group must have access to a window before you can add attachments to it. ClosedExample

Attachments are available in the following windows:

Company menu

  • Bank Accounts
  • Beginning Balances > Open Vendor Invoices
  • Beginning Balances > Unpaid Client Invoices
  • Financials > Chart of Accounts
  • Financials > Departments
  • Security

Setup menu

  • Activities
  • Billing Rate Tables
  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Employees
  • Invoice Groups
  • Overhead Groups
  • Projects
  • Vendors

Manage menu

  • Bank Register (Reconcile tab > Bank Statement table)
  • Client Invoices
  • Client Receipts (New, Deposits, and Existing tabs)
  • Expenses
  • In-House Expenses
  • Journal Entries
  • Tasks
  • Vendor Invoices

You can search for attachments based on where you made the attachment (in a vendor invoice or a project, for example) and other criteria.



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