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About activities

Activities are the type of work or expense charged to a project. You can specify cost and billing rate by activity. Reports and client invoices can be summarized or subtotaled by activity. For example, Drafting is a labor activity and Mileage is an expense activity.

Set up an activity to identify work and expenses items for establishing billing rates, invoicing, and reporting. While setting up activities, you can create and edit activity descriptions, cost and billing rates, accounts, and so on.

Ajera separates all costing and revenue activities into these three categories:

  • Labor, which is related to time entry
  • Consultants, which are separated from general expenses because in architecture and engineering (AE) firms, consultants are often managed separately from contract, budget, and billing perspectives
  • Expenses, which include both expenses paid through vendor invoices and those expenses that have no out-of-pocket costs (in-house expenses)

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